Phentermine which is a pill taken daily pharmaceutical strength,physician supervised appetite suppressant taken daily, which most people loose any where 10- 15 pounds monthly.

Lypo -shots are giving for a 6 week course and is given weekly in office this help break down our fat into energy and speeds up metabolism most people are losing around 5 or more pounds and inches weekly.

Skinny Shots- This is a shot as well given weekly and helps speeds up metabolism and is loaded with vitamins

AnuBodyMD Vitamins are in house vitamins that offer a variety of benefits for weigh loss and Anti-Aging benefits. This propriety blend helps maintain a healthy life style while trying to reach their weight loss goals or on the testosterone therapy.

Estrogen Replacement Therapy for women helps get there levels back to where they need to be to help promote weight loss and as well Anti-Aging.

HCG - special diet physician supervised weight loss program which is with HCG hormone and is administered through a shot as well. Most people can and will lose 20-30 pounds monthly by following a specific diet and calorie regimen along with the doctor supervised HCG program

Testosterone - Physician supervised shot given weekly help regain youthful energy, libido muscle,and makes a man or women feel 10 years younger